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Various Amusing PokerStars Tournaments

PokerStars tournaments are played in the entire world; it has become a popular game of casinos. It is not only played in casinos now, but you can find it in gaming zones and online websites. There are several online poker games which are played by youngsters and people belonging to all ages. This game is not only liked by young generation, in fact all age group individuals like to play this game.

Poker games are played in commercial venues but there you need to pay extra fees. This game involves the usage of chips which you need to collect. In poker game, each player starts the game with the blinds and the chips. The player who is left with no chips leaves the game and the player who collects all the chips wins the game. There are different winning awards which are given to the players. There are first place award winners, second place winners and the third place winners.

You can find plenty of in these games, as there are many types of poker tournaments. The first type of tournament is re-buying tournament. In this tournament the player can buy extra chips when he/she is going to finish all the chips, new chips can be bought. This game is called add-on because you can buy extra chips. The next type of tournament is satellite qualifiers. In this game, the player plays not for collecting the chips and cash, but only for entering into a higher buy in tournament. This tournament is played on championship level. But you can not buy the further chips in this game.

The third type of tournament is knockout bounties. It is a fun game in which the bounty is placed on the top of each player. It is little bit different type of game which requires you to learn its tactics so that you can play it wisely. Another type is timed poker tournaments; it is an online based game. You can play it through online websites like de.poker30.net for German players and www.poker30.net for English players.. All you need to do is to search for the reliable website and log in to it. You can win in this game by collecting chips and payout is based on the number of chips you have at the time of clock stop. This game is time based like the time span varies from 15 minutes to 2 hours. This game demands you to vary the strategies and tournament is especially designed for the people who do not find much time for playing.

The last type of tournament is mixed game tournament. It is a natural instinct of every individual that he/she gets bore of playing one type of game, so mixing up of the tournament types makes it easy for the players to keep on playing without getting bored. Some of the mixed up type of tournaments includes 8-game and HORSE, these games are comprised of several variations. This game is interesting and fun to play at home too. No mater which tournament you select for playing, but to keep it entertaining and profiting is an art which need to be learnt.

Variance in Poker

Poker variance is defined as measurement statistics that indicate how your outcomes will be scattered and distributed. Also, to be clear, “bankroll swings” is not the end-all, be-all of what poker variance is all about. Winning at this game entails the continuous application and reapplication of gains and advantages in the long term. If you’re capable of playing the game in a superior manner to your opponents such that it even prevails over the rake, you’ll more often than not succeed.

However, the tragedy that befalls even the best of players is the fact that when bad luck or losing streaks hit and hit hard (which is inevitable in all games of chance, even with a skill-dependent game like poker), they seem to somewhat forget what brought them to dance in the first place, so to speak; they lose touch with the tactics they’ve accrued, the mathematics they’ve mastered, and the experiences they’ve gathered once variance rears its ugly head and makes the results differ from what they expect.

The Problem with Poker Variance

Here’s a specific instance that illustrates this point marvelously. There are “decent” players that are adamant that a table full of maniacs is a “can’t lose” proposition. This so-called good poker enthusiast then protests whenever AA doesn’t “stand up” in a chaotic and overcrowded Holdem game where eight players typically take the flop. That’s because he’s not taking into account the factor of variance. Because of his naive beliefs in poker math and statistics, he’ll think that AA should and needs to be winning a lot more than half the time in order for him to make money.

Nevertheless, simple math dictates that a hand that wins forty to twenty-five percent of the time is enormously profitable against seven players. Instead of complaining about the sixty to seventy-five times he’s losing, he should instead embrace the winning percentages and be patient, because in order for him to win big in the long run, he needs to lose and lose bad at times.

Poker Forums

If you play poker online and don’t use any poker forums yet then you should consider using some of the popular poker forums as they benefit you. You will be able to learn a lot of great information on the poker forums and it’s a good idea to become active on at least one forum so you can keep up with all the information regarding the poker world. In this article I’m going to share some reasons as to why I believe every poker player should become active in at least one forum.

The people active on poker forums at BigEdgePoker.com are always talking about news in the poker industry and you should keep up with the news in your industry. For instance, if a poker room isn’t being trustworthy with there players it will be known on most poker forums so that you can find out right away so you don’t use that poker room. When new poker rooms and promotions are being run in poker rooms you’ll also be able to find people talking about this in most forums, and you’ll be able to then take advantage of the promotions.

Most gambling forums have some great poker and blackjack strategy sections where players come together and talk about there poker strategy and past experiences. If you’d like to share your own tips or would like to read other players tips then you should join a forum soon. There are sections in most forums for beginner players and advanced players so no matter your skill level you can always find some great information to improve your game.

Some of the poker forums, such as the one on PokerStars, have a marketplace set-up so that players can sell and trade poker books and such poker products with each other. Once you gain some reputation on the forum you’ll be able to pick up some awesome deals and it’s much cheaper then buying the items new in the store.

You can meet new friends who also share the same interest as you. You can also play against people you meet online and it becomes more fun when you know the people you’re playing. Most poker forums have strong communities so once you become apart of the community you’ll be able to have a lot more fun playing poker online.

As you can see poker forums have a lot to offer poker players and there is no reason why you wouldn’t want to become apart of a community. You don’t need to spend hours on the forum, but it’s great to sign-on once a day and check out the latest news and gossip from the online poker world so you can stay in the loop. I feel it’s important for poker players to utilize a player’s poker forum and I have always strongly urged people I talk to, to join one. One of the best poker forums aside from PokerStars is the TwoPlusTwo Forums and it’s always active with tons of other poker players and an awesome community.

Strategy for FullTiltPoker Single Table Sit and Go Tournaments

Single table sit and go tournaments are among the most popular of poker tournament formats. Single table Sit n gos are fast paced, there is not a big field to fight through, and they start and finish quickly. Single table Sit and gos are available 24 hours a day at Full Tilt Poker, and vary in buy-in range. As a result, there is usually a game available at your desired price range. You can find the Full Tilt schedule here.

Early strategy for Single Table Sit n Go tourneys

Early on, adopt a passive strategy pre-flop. Let your opposition play into you. By allowing them to think you are weak and passive, the opposing players will be more likely to hand you their stack when trying to knock you off the pot while they hold ace high. Allow them to overplay their Ace-Kings and top pair hands, while you are looking to crack them after the flop with a sneaky straight or two pair. Let them do most of the heavy lifting when you are in later position and they want to continue betting. If you are checked to, it is perfectly fine to begin betting. However, when you have a better than average hand, be sure to over bet the pot, as many players will call overbets with hands they’d also call value bets in these early stages. Get them committed to the pot early without their knowledge.

Single Table SNG Strategy for the Middle Stages the Bubble and Beyond

During the middle stages of the ST SNG, play tends to tighten up as the blinds rise and play progresses towards the bubble. As play tightens up and the blinds increase, so should your pre-flop aggression. Be willing to raise pre-flop, looking to take down pot after pot uncontested. By keeping the pressure on, you will amass chips in a quest for victory while your opposition is taking the duck and cover approach in a feeble attempt merely to survive.

As play moves past the bubble and into the prize money, close out the tournament strongly. Look to put the big decisions to the middle stack, as he will most fear busting out before the short stack. When the short and medium stacks exchange positions, follow the medium stack. When the time is right, feel free to bust the short stack out obviously. However, use the power of that short stack’s presence further instilling fear into your opposition. If you find yourself the short stack at the table, play the all-in or fold game, specifically attacking the chip leader. Use his fear of being crippled to your advantage.

By adjusting your game, you will be able to navigate successfully the circuit of single table poker tourneys. Playing smart, situational poker will prove beneficial in single table sit and go poker tournaments.

Dan Harrington Biography

Dan Harrington was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts and is one of the world’s most recognized poker players and has been for decades. Dan attended Suffolk University and later found work as a bankruptcy lawyer. He is also a professional backgammon and chess player and has won major tournaments in both of the games. When Harrington attended university he played all three games quite a bit and even played some poker against Bill Gates when Gates was going to Harvard.

While Dan Harrington was in university he also worked with a group of people that found a way to take advantage of roulette tables. After university Dan found another group of people who found a way to take advantage of the blackjack tables at casinos. After making money through playing those games he started playing poker full-time. Dan started playing a lot of poker at the Mayfair Club in New York where a lot of great poker players started playing.

Dan has played in a lot of poker events in hi career and has won two WSOP bracelets as well as one WPT title. He has also won money 9 times on the WSOP circuit and another 8 times on the WPT circuit. There is no doubt that Dan’s best year came in 1995 when he won the WSOP Main Event as well as finished on the final table in several other events the same year. When Dan won the 1995 WSOP Main Event he took a home a prize of $1 million.

During the whole final table of the event though Dan was offering to split the prize pool between the remaining players and invest it to become rich. Nobody wanted to take Dan up on the deal and at the end of the day Harrington ended up winning and taking home all of the money.

Over Dan’s career he has won a total of $6.5 million in live tournaments which puts him amongst the best poker players in history for all-time earnings.

Dan is also one of only five poker players ever to win the WSOP Main Event and a WPT title.

Dan is also widely known in the poker world for writing some of the best poker books in history teaching players how to play the game. His books have sold thousands of copies since being released and if you really want to learn how to play poker then I suggest reading Harrington’s books. He has written two series including “Harrington on Holdem” Volume I, II and III and “Harrington on Cash Games” Volume I and II. If you haven’t read the books yet you should be able to find them online on Amazon or some other book store.

Harrington is one of the poker players which pioneered poker online and helped it become the sport which it is today. He isn’t the most established tournament poker player in the world, but his accomplishments both on and off the table has helped the poker world become what it is today.

General Guide to Odds in Poker Online Games

A general guide to odds in poker is very helpful for both beginners and experienced players. Different types of odds will help to determine whether or not it’s worth it to call until the turn, or what your realistic chance is to win the hand.

An “out” is simply how many cards in the deck will help you make your hand. Let’s say you’re holding a pair of 8’s. There are two cards in the deck that could help make your hand better. Those two cards are, naturally, the 8’s. There may be other cards that could make your hand better, but they would also help out your opponents. This can also be applied after more cards are in the mix. For example, let’s say that you’re playing Texas Hold’em and you’re holding Q-5 of diamonds. The flop is 7-A-2. The A-2 are diamonds. There are 14 cards in the deck which will give a better hand. 3 Queen’s, 3 fives, and the 9 remaining diamonds. Also, it is not possible, except for a few times in 7 Card Stud, to take into account whether or not your opponents may be holding the cards you need.

While taking into account whether or not it’s worth it to call, pot odds can play a very significant part in helping you decide. Pot odds are how much it will cost you to call a bet versus how much you stand to profit. For example, let’s say you’re playing in a $5/$10 game. You are near the start of the game. The betting goes around, and someone raises $5. There is $30 in the pot. What this means to you is that you’d have to risk your $5 to win $30. This translates to 6 to 1 pot odds. So, if you risk it, so long as you win one time out of six breaking still by making that call. This is a better way to decide if it is actually worth risking your money to see the final cards.

There are how many callers you think you will have for a specific betting round. For example, let’s say you’re one away from a flush draw. You want to bet, and expect there to be 4 people who will call. These are 4 to 1 bet odds. These are good odds to use, as they can be easily done before your hand is made. If you think that you’d get 6-7 callers, you will have well bet odds on your hand should you bet.

These are same as pot odds, except it goes with an assumed amount in the pot at the end of all betting rounds. For example, at the start of the game, if you think that the pot at the end will most likely be X, you can better determine what you want to call or bet, and whether or not it’s worth it to stay in the game or until the end. This is a more speculative method of mentioning poker odds than other methods, but it can still help you reach a decision if you are having trouble.

Online Poker Training Guide

With new poker players learning how to play poker everyday there has been a strong need for online poker training websites. With the ease of making video tutorials nowadays on the computer it isn’t that difficult to make strategy videos for online poker players and there are some websites which do it very well. Today we’re going to look at some of your options if you’re looking to learn how to become a better online poker player and don’t mind spending a bit of money.

PokerVT.com is one of the best online poker training websites and features a lot of inside advice from poker professional Daniel Negreanu. You won’t be able to find any of the PokerVT training on any other website and the costs are very competitive. Apart from Negreanu, PokerVT also has training modules created by a nice list of other poker professionals as well.

RealPokerTraining.com is an ideal training center for all players who are looking to improve at sit and go poker tournaments online. You need specialized training once you understand the game and you won’t be able to find more detailed and practical advice for sit and go tournaments anywhere else.

CardRunners.com has been one of the most popular poker websites since online poker started years ago. They have one of the best groups of poker players around and they have tons of strategy videos and articles about playing cash games. If you’re a cash game poker player online in any poker room then you need to become a member of the CardRunners.com community.

PokerXFactor.com offers training for sit and go tournaments plus multi-table tournaments, but lack cash game training modules. If your main focus is to become a better tournament player then you might find some interesting information out from joining and becoming a member of PokerXFactor.com.

Another one of the best communities for poker players is the 2+2 Forums where poker players meet daily to discuss all of the latest news, tips, strategy and more. If you’re looking to join the biggest free online poker community then you need to sign-up for this forum. The forums are very active with new posts everyday and many of the members are experienced online poker players who share there knowledge with fellow members.

Once you’ve gotten your training under control you’re also going to want to find some poker tools at PlaySolidPoker.com to help you along the way. There are many poker calculators which specialize in different games and game structures. You need to find a poker tool which works for your needs, so if you’re a sit and go player you need a poker tool which specializes in sit and go tournaments.

If you’re serious about making money consistently and over the long term in online poker, then download full tilt poker and become a good poker player. Playing is great because you gain experience, but learn from your mistakes, but there are many advanced techniques which you won’t learn unless you join some of the premiere training websites. Most only cost $25/$50 per month which is only one hand on a small $1/$2 cash game table so it’s worth the investment in yourself.

High Stakes on the Big Screen: Poker and the Movies

Poker—particularly varieties like Texas Hold ‘Em and Omaha Hi Lo—is an immensely popular game, both in terms of “real life” play and high-profile exposure/representation in media. This is partly because poker (played against other live players, rather than a video poker machine) is inherently dramatic. Great players not only have to have calculation skills, but must (at least in some poker variations) also know how to bluff their opponents, or see through the bluffing of others. A movie or play about poker can be, in a way, meta-textual, because it would show actors who play characters who must “act” during a poker game, as they try to get under the skin of their opponents.

The Cincinatti Kid is a great example. Not only is this a great classic film, but poker is actually central to the plot. It is about a young poker player who is trying to become known as the best player in the entire world. However, of course, there is already a veteran poker master who is the “best,” so the protagonist must track him down and challenge him. This film stars Steve McQueen, a screen icon who made his name playing cool, rebellious characters. Perhaps less well known is Kaleidoscope, starring Warren Beatty. Comparing his performance to that of McQueen is really a matter of taste (though McQueen’s seems to be more popular), but whatever you think of Beatty, this film features one of the most daring, creative cheating methods ever put on screen, like a more straightforward version of the bravura heist in the Ocean’s Eleven remake.

Of course, cinematic poker did not pass away with the age of “classic” films. It also happens in more recent movies. PokerStars.de plays a part in Casino Royale, the critically and popularly successful Bond film, and the first to star current Bond Daniel Craig. The title of the film refers to a high-stakes poker game organized by the film’s villain in order to recoup the funds he has lost for his rather frightening backers. The poker scene serves several purposes. Of course, it is important to Bond’s mission, so it serves the plot. No less importantly, it is a tense, exciting set piece, and also gives Bond an opportunity to win the respect of Vesper Lynd, the prickly love interest played by Eva Green.

From the above examples, we may associate poker with only edgy, adult films. However, poker is not only the province of adult-oriented films. It has also been known to feature in children’s fare, such as the remake of The Parent Trap starring a tween Lindsay Lohan, Dennis Quaid, and the late Natasha Richardson. The long-lost twins (before they know their true relation) challenge and antagonize each other over a game of poker.

Poker is not only popular because it is a fun, exciting, challenging game, but people also enjoy it because of its place in popular culture. When many players sit down to a poker game, scenes of the above mentioned movies (or still other films that feature poker) flash through their minds. Playing a game oneself is a way to partake of this fun and glamour.

Playing Pocket Pairs in Texas Holdem

Texas Holdem is the most popular poker game at all of the poker websites and there isn’t much better then being dealt high pocket pairs while playing even though it doesn’t happen that often. High pocket pairs are excellent starting hands in Holdem, but low pocket pairs can cause a lot of trouble and aren’t really that good of a starting hand. We’re going to look at the strategy you should use when you play high pocket pairs and low pocket pairs.

High Pocket Pairs – AA/JJ

Being dealt a high pocket pair in Hold’em is a great starting hand and you should definitely raise the pot pre-flop. Some players will recommend slow playing with high pocket pairs, but the problem with that is any two cards can limp in and you could be losing after the flop depending on what comes. There is also no reason to limp into the pot and let people see the flop for cheap because you want be increasing the size of the pot. I would suggest raising the pot 3-4X the big blind which is a typical raise and should have a couple callers. Depending on what the flop brings you’ll need to decide whether you can afford to slow play or whether you need to take the pot down now. If you hit a set or there are no draws after the flop then often your high pair will still be good, but when there are draws present you should think about taking the pot down right away before the draw hits.

Middle Pocket Pairs – 1010/88

Any pocket pair of 8’s, 9’s or 10’s is a good starting hand and you could raise the pot, but the problem is if you get called chances are your opponent will have two over cards at least. With two over cards they could easily hit a higher pair then you have on Titan Poker after the flop so be careful about committing to many chips with this hand. I would suggest checking out the flop to see if the cards are lower then your pocket pair. If the flop is 2-3-7 with 3 different suits then chances are you still will have the best hand because it would be hard to believe anyone calling a raise with a 2/3 or something like that.

Low Pocket Pairs – 77/22

Low pocket pairs aren’t really that powerful in a Holdem poker game and you shouldn’t raise the pot pre-flop with any low pocket pair. According to the latest poker strategy research at Poker30.net, your chances of winning the pot are fairly slim unless you just steal the pot with a big bet which isn’t going to make you any money. The only way you’re going to make money with low pocket pairs is if you hit a set and your opponent is sitting with a big pair or two pairs. The chances of hitting a set aren’t that great, but you should still try and see the flop if you can limp into the pot just in case you do hit the set because then you can usually get paid off in a big hand.

Sit and Go Poker- basic tips

Sit and go poker is a tournament style which is quite popular and common today on most online sites for poker. This is an informal tournament style and is played by a large number of players today.

The procedure

Sit and go tournaments are a good way to practice for players who are still new to tournaments and want to get trained for an actual tournament. Unlike the major initial tables in some of the multi-table tournaments, the number of players at sit and go tournaments will only go down. There would be no replacements at the tournaments for players that drop out of the game. Generally, the online sites will announce or list their tournaments and the information would be provided about the type of poker that is being player, the betting structure, blinds structure and the buy in amount required along with registration links and the prize.

Any player that wants to participate in the tournament will be required to register first and then pay for the required buy in. You can then take a seat at any of the tables and then wait for other players to join. The play would start when the table is full. The number of players that would be required on any table would vary for any tournament, but it can be anywhere from 5 to 10. The game will continue until there is a winner and there are only three players left at the table.

Some tips

At the beginning to any sit and go tournament, it would be very helpful to play a tight game. When there is a full table, you will not be required to post the blinds very frequently. For example, in a ten handed game, it would be a good idea to fold your bad hands so that you can ride out and can afford to wait for the good hands when the action is still not very fast on the table.

As the game would progress, you should start playing a little looser. When there are only five players at the table, you would have to post the blinds more frequently and it would be costly for you to remain in the game without winning anything. If you do that, your chip stack would be empty in no time. At this stage of the tournament, you will have to play a lot more hands and will also have to be more aggressive. Bluffing can be useful at this point of time, especially when you are a late position player. This would allow you to make the most of your hands, even when they are weak and ensure that you make more money at the game than you would have towards the beginning of the tournament.

Sit and go tournament strategy is very simple and they are actually easier to win when compared to the other tournament formats. If you are a new player, you can start by practicing at these tournaments. When you feel confident enough and think that you can handle tougher opponents, you can move on to the multi table tournaments.

In my experience, Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars have the most sit and go tournaments available at a number of different buy-ins.